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Hot melt adhesives approved for Nordson Invisipac™ and Freedom™

Intercol hot melts approved for Invisipac™ and Freedom™ tankless systems
Following extensive testing with and on both the Freedom™ and Invisipac™ systems, we can confirm that our range of Futura packaging hotmelts are ideally suited to processing on tankless, on-demand and automatic filling systems.

As an end user you will benefit from both the advantages of this latest equipment development and the superior quality of our latest generation Futura hot melts.

Our hot melt formulations have been shown to perform exceptionally well in on-demand systems, and our Futura packaging adhesives are the first choice in tankless application equipment for the packaging industry.

With only the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods used in the formulation of the adhesives, Futura hot melts deliver top performance in your gluing process and we are proud to say that we probably offer the best and most efficient gluing solution available.

The Futura range of hot melt adhesives offers a unique combination of high heat and freeze resistance, fast cure time and superior adhesion to a wide range of materials including; metallised board and polyester material, PE coated and (UV) lacquered and recycled board.

Hotmelt adhesives tested in Nordson gluing equipment

On top of this, Futura white adhesives offer the user extreme stability during transparent processing with zero odour, zero fumes and zero carbonisation.

Fully compatible with the latest generation of on-demand and automatic filling systems, our proven Futura adhesives are used worldwide for the packaging of the most delicate food and pharmaceutical products.